On the carribean coast of Central America, Honduras has the most beautiful beaches, in particular the Tela Bay. Here, you will enjoy a 20 miles bay of white sandy beaches, natural, virgen, laying as a moon crecent without buildings between Punta Sal Cap and Triunfo.
Hotel Gran Central is located 3 blocks from the sea shore in the center of the small town of Tela, one hour from San Pedro Sula International Airport, 4 hours from the Maya archeological site of Copan (visit the typical hotel "La Casa de Café" in Copan), on the Maya Road of Center America.
Hotel Gran Central is the best place to discover the Protected National Parks all around Tela: Punta Sal,Punta Izopo, Botanic Garden Lancetilla, privilege of eco-tourism as well as the Garifuna villages of Miami, Tornabe, San Juan, Triunfo de la Cruz or visit some of the colonials towns as Gracias, La Esperanza, Comayagua… and furthermore the neighbouring countries of Honduras as Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

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