Hotel Gran Central of Tela Honduras is a testimony of the last century Banana Republic when the Standard Fruit Company had its main activity there. At that time Tela was a very busy harbour with a large pier carraying the train, loading the large ships with all kind of tropicals fruits: banana, pineapple, grapefruits…in a coming and going motion, heading to United States, Europe or South America.
At that time Hotel Gran Central was already the place to rest for travellers, located in front of the Tela Railroad Company station wich will soon become a Historical and Cultural Center of Tela.
It is a very special two stories colonial buiding with 8 beautiful rooms located a few yards from the magnificent beach of Tela on the carribean coast of Honduras.
Completely restaured, it kept it’s architectural style: large terraces, colonades, high ceilings, doors and windows frames made of exotic woods of Honduras give a special touch of authenticity. On the main floor, you will be able to rest after a busy day and enjoy a drink at the bar. You will also be able to discover the restaurant for breakfast, the special yoga center and the flowered patio with the most beautiful orchideas from the Honduras forests.

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